Balmoral on the Thames

Evil weather greeted the Balmoral on June 23, with the ship unable to take passengers from Ramsgate or Margate.  Transport was arranged to Whitstable where a call was possible, but the high winds closed Southend Pier so only 58 were carried up the Thames to Tilbury and Tower Pier.

Alongside at Ramsgate 23 June 2004 (Geoffrey Vickery)

Balmoral sailing light from Ramsgate (Geoffrey Vickery)

Arriving at Whitstable (Geoffrey Vickery)

The trip to Clacton was not possible and the destination was changed to the Medway on Thursday.  Again Southend Pier was closed to pedestrians, so numbers were low.   The ship had to relocate to Ipswich overnight to regain her schedule.

Departing for the Medway 26 June 2004 (Martin Longhurst)

Going downstream (Martin Longhurst)

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