Regeneration Year 2

Words and Pictures by David Elms - 20 March 2004


Replacement of the aft promenade decking is well under way,and the new
ventilator trunks are in place. The aftermost ventilators have been moved
inboard in line with the ones on the forward dining saloon bulkhead.

 The wooden frames for the new dining saloon windows have been fitted on the
Port side.

Just when you thought it was all going back together, the decking forward
of the dining saloon is being removed! It seems the decking is being
replaced right up to the back of the funnel casing.
 The new inboard bulkhead for the crew mess can be seen through the doorway.

 Despite the inconvenience caused by the refit work, the usual winter
maintenance tasks continue. The rocker gear for the generators is laid out
for cleaning and inspection.

Pictures by Philip Tolley - 24 March 2004

Dining Saloon

Newly laid Promenade Deck

Timber awaiting laying

Underside of new decking

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