Waverley in Dry Dock - Second Report

Photographs by John Crae and Gavin Stewart, Words by Stuart Cameron

Since entering the Garvel Drydock at Greenock on 24th March 2005 work on preparing the World's Last Seagoing Paddle Steamer for her 58th Season of excursions has progressed well. As mentioned in a previous report a major aspect of this years overhaul is the replacement of the original port side paddle shaft and the port side spring beam. To this end the port paddle wheel, with the old paddle shaft still attached, was lifted out of the vessel on 6th April. This operation is shown in the first picture (taken by John Crae)

The paddle wheel has taken up temporary residence on the north side of Garvel as shown in the picture below by Gavin Stewart (who also took the remaining pictures in this report). Note that some of the paddle float assemblies have been removed from the wheel.

On the starboard sponson and paddle box work is well underway on the replacement of the belting damage during the latter part of the 2004 season

On the port side the cavernous paddle box is now empty and fully opened up awaiting the delivery of the new port side paddle shaft which is now undergoing final machining at a Rolls Royce factory in Central Scotland.

The view below shows two large concrete blocks propped on the port side paddle shaft bearing support platform, these providing a balancing counterweight as the starboard paddlewheel is still in position, its weight substantially cantilevered of the starboard side paddle shaft assembly (remember that the ship is blocked up off the floor of the dock).

This view below is of the port side crankshaft flange from the paddle shaft bearing support. The inboard end of the new paddle shaft will be connected to this flange

Finally, a view of Waverley in Garvel Dry Dock on 9th April just prior to the commencement of the complete repainting of her hull and superstructure. Note her port paddle wheel up on the dock side.

The old Renfrew Ferry is still sharing the dock with Waverley and part of her significant refurbishment includes the addition of housings on her former vehicle ramps at both ends and one such housing can be seen below.

The vessels are due to leave Garvel Drydock on 19th April, ten days prior to Waverley's first passenger sailing of 2005.

Stuart Cameron

10th April 2005.

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