Winter Work 2006

Each week many volunteers go aboard the paddler to help get her ready for next season.

Click here to see the Winter Work Programme (Adobe Acrobat file)

Margaret Skee cleans the boiler water feed pumps ready to be painted   The Air Pump stripped down for survey

Shelagh Holt wields her paint brush on the Main Engine entablature while Ian McCorkindale works on the air pump (right background)

Michael Clark (in blue) and Alistair Black are reassembling the cooling water circulating pump

The port engine room alleyway - note protection on the deck and benches brought inside for varnishing

Inside the Intermediate Pressure cylinder of the Main Engine

Looking up to the Control Platform

Ian paying close attention to the vintage machinery

A portable cabin of deck to provide accommodation for revarnishing the deck furniture.

Looking for'ard (down river)

Looking towards the city centre, the reduction in seating on the upper deck can be seen

Joe "No publicity" McKendrick takes a lifebelt home for repainting, assisted by Deryck Docherty while Iain MacLeod looks on

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