Tribute to Joe McKendrick


1949 – 2012




Announcement made aboard Waverley on Tuesday 14th August 2012


“Ladies and Gentlemen, as we approach Blairmore Pier you will see the flag on the Pier is flying at half-mast today as is Waverley’s red ensign at the stern.


Both flags are lowered as a mark of respect for Dr Joe McKendrick who sadly passed away last night after a short period of illness.

Joe was a Waverley Steam Navigation Director for 30 years as well as a Director of Waverley Excursions Limited.  He was also Vice-Chairman of both companies.   Joe was Chairman of Blairmore Pier Trust from 2003-2009 and was instrumental in the saving and re-opening of the Pier for Waverley.


His input to Waverley over the past 30 years has been invaluable and his passing is a sad loss for the ship.  Waverley has lost one of her greatest supporters and a true friend.”





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