Clyde Main Season 2014

Saturday 21 June

The first day of the main season.   There was a charter to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Glasgow of Free and Accepted Masons from Glasgow and Greenock to Dunoon and Rothesay for three hours ashore.

Sunday 22 June

As timetable (Glasgow to Tarbert and Loch Fyne - Glasgow)

Monday 23 June

Light sail from Glasgow for trial berthing at Keppel Pier (for Millport).  Overnight Largs

Tuesday 24 June

Captain Colledge in command 24 – 28 June. Light to Ayr then as timetable.  Overnight Ayr

Wednesday 25 June

As timetable with first public call at Keppel Pier.  Overnight Largs

Thursday 26 June

As timetable.  In the evening the PSPS charter took place, picking up at Largs and Keppel Pier for a cruise to Loch Riddon, turning off Ormidale.  Over 500 were aboard including more than 100 from Keppel Pier.

Friday 27 June

As timetable.  The evening cruise sound round the wreck of the Captyannis (the sugar ship on her side at the Tail o’the Bank) which sank in a gale in January 1974.

Saturday 28 June

As timetable taking the dog-leg channel in the Narrows in both directions.

Sunday 29 June

As timetable (Glasgow – Round Ailsa Craig - Largs)

Monday 30 June

Light Largs to Ayr

Tuesday 1 July

As timetable.   There was a group of Swiss enthuisiasts on board and Second Engineer Ian McCorkindale provided his Swiss national flag, which was flown from the mainmast, and the Luzern cantonal flag (blue and white), which was flown above the Wheelhouse.

On arrival back at Ayr it was low water, precluding the normal turning manoeuvre.   Instead the paddler was turned as usual and then secured on the northern quay.   The pilot boat then carried the mooring ropes to the southern side before the steamer was hauled across the river to discharge her passengers.   This operation can be viewed here.


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