Waverley's Last Call at Ayr in 2000

90 minutes ago Waverley's all too short season of Ayr sailings for 2000 (only 3 days) came to an end with the paddler steaming away from the Compass Quay towards a beautiful sunset over the mountains of Arran. The pictures show the vessels arrival, canting and departure for Greenock between 1945 and 2015 this evening, 24 August.

Waverley's Clyde season may be only 10 days long but so far it has been glorious. The weather is terrific and daily loadings of between 700 and 1000 (not at the one time!) are commonplace.

By and large the vessel is running very well with only a few minor teething troubles which are being sorted with time. However, the schedule is being met and there is much praise of the work that has been done.

The remainder of Waverley's Clyde sailings are also heavily loaded - Friday is pretty full and some other days are not far behind so book up soon if you are going.

A big thaks to Gordon Reid and all the team for the incredible efforts made to get the ship here and to run her as close as possible to the normal schedule. Amazing after such massive surgery. Waverley's regular 'nutters' are very appreciative of the special efforts being made to make the short Clyde season a very memorable one. How did Ellie arrange the weather to be so good?

Get paddling!

Stuart Cameron

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