West Highland Finale

A final short report with pictures by Alistair Black, Tim Goodspeed and Stuart Cameron

On 7 May 2001 Waverley sailed from Fort William and Oban to the sacred Isle of Iona. Landing at Iona is by launch.

Alastair Black's shot of the massive queue waiting to board at Oban

Tim Goodspeed's Oban arrival shot

View of Iona Abbey from Waverley by Stuart Cameron

Picture of a paddlebox  - view from the Iona ferryboat by Alastair Black

2 views of the ferryboats Ullin and Ossia tendering to Waverley by Stuart Cameron

3 views back to Waverley from Ossian and ashore by Stuart Cameron

A fine study by Tim Goodspeed

View from the Abbey by Tim Goodspeed

Coming along the shore of Mull on the return from Iona by Stuart Cameron

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