Last trip of the season

by Thomas Battison (Aged 11)


I arrived with my dad at Tilbury on a very dark and wet night on Sunday 13th October excited that this was my last trip of the season. Tilbury landing stage was all locked up and in darkness. I was very concerned how and if we were going to get aboard.  

At about 17.45 a van pulled up and unlocked the gates so we could drive down to the landing stage car park.  

Although the weather was bad I could not belive my eyes when I saw the lights of the Waverley approch at just before 18.00  which was early, as we were not to leave until 18.15.  

The ship was packed going up to Tower Pier and did it pour with rain, but everyone was in good spirits (in more ways than one) Purser Jim blamed the weather on me and my dad.  

We were delayed in London due to the time it took to unload the passengers as the pier had only one gangway. We went downstairs for some chips.  

The Tug Revenge turned us around for the last time and Waverley gave here final blast on her ships whistle to say thanks.  

The Waverley must have beaten all speed records as we were back in Tilbury on time at 22.30 way past my bedtime. 1hr 20mins.


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