Item 1.            Waverley’s Caterpillar Diesel Alternator, rated at 110 kW, fully refurbished during rebuild of 2000.  Offers.


Item 2.            Two off Lister Lifeboat Engines complete with gearbox and morse controls.  Offers.


Item 3.            Waverley Foremast. Purchase four inch thick diagonally chopped sections for all sorts of uses. Only a limited number available. A bargain at £25 each plus p&p. Alternatively, purchase the top 16 ft section, ideal for the garden as a flagpole – impress the neighbours. A piece of history for the real enthusiast. £495 plus carriage.


Item 4.            Lengths of taffrail (hardwood rails round ship’s side), ideal for a small banister or external handrail, A bargain at £5 per foot plus carriage.


Item 5.            For the Gardener. Make your own garden frame from deck shelter windows complete with glass. £50 each or £95 for two.


Item 6.            Bronze ‘Nick-Knack’, yes, a piece of your very own paddle wheel. £10 per bush plus p&p.  


Item 7.            A bargain for your local sports/social club or indeed for your own lounge, Waverley’s Jeanie Deans Bar complete with Bar Front, Bar Top, Columns, rear Whisky Gantry and Mirror.

                        A real bargain at £1500 plus carriage.


Item 8.            Your very own Lloyd Loom easy chair from the forward deck shelter. These are original items and an absolute must for the serious collector. Only a limited number available at £150 each plus carriage.


All these items were available in 2002.

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