Waverley Movie

Keith Letchford writes ...

I just stumbled across some old 8mm camcorder footage I took in June 1994 of Waverley running into St Ives Bay to find a bit of overnight shelter, before rounding Land's End on her way to the D Day commemorations.  The shots were from the top floor of a house by St Ives harbour.

This is a sample frame at actual size - running time 4 minutes 30 seconds

The original is not of the best quality, since the camera was hand-held, with a telephoto lens, and the weather was appalling.  I have transcribed it to Realmedia RM format to get something small enough to move around the internet, and the result is pretty bad, I'm afraid.  However,  it may be unique footage of Waverley living up to her seagoing capability, and I hope it is of interest to you.

Technical notes

This video requires the free Real Media player. The movie file itself is just over 1.5 megabytes in size, so can take over 11 minutes to download, depending on the speed of your connection - but it is really worth the wait!

Click here to download "Waverley in St Ives Bay - June 1994"

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