11 APRIL 1999

This event is organised annually by the London Bus Preservation Trust. An Open Day takes place at Cobham Bus Museum and at the same time a Bus Gathering is held at the nearly former airfield at Brooklands. The two sites are linked by a special bus services generally using vintage buses.

Green Line AEC Reliance RP90 at Cobham Village
Part of the Trust's collection London General AEC Regal of 1929
AEC Regent STL441
Bournemouth Corporation Leyland Tiger
Guy GS 42 alongside RF 534


London Transport AEC Regent RT 2177
Barton low bridge Leyland Titan PS2 WAL 782
Two Country Area RTs - 214 (with top route number box) and 2084
Southdown Leyland Titan
The old and the new side by side
The painted over blind windows were to save material in the immediate post-war shortages
RTWs were the first eight foot wide London buses
East Kent Road Car Co Leyland Tiger
Leyland Titan PD3 with 'St Helens' front of King Alfred Motor Services of Winchester
A very rare Dennis Lancet
A Routemaster still in service with Stagecoach
RF 486 with a visitor from Lancashire behind
London Transport Routemaster RM1000
A delightful Dennis of 1933
Burnley, Colne & Nelson Leyland Tiger
Mercedes bendi-bus of Travel West Midlands
Thames Valley Bristol KSW
Two top box RTs
Two generations of Green Lines - RT 593 and RP21
RT 593 with pre-war side-engined Q 83
Rear view of an RT chasis
Leyland Comet coach with green RTL 1323
Morecambe & Heysham 20 an AEC Regent - a close cousin of the RT
Stockport Corporation 65 - a Leyland Titan PD3
A green RF in service between Cobham and Brooklands
RMC 1465 in Stagecoach livery at Cobham Village

Martin Longhurst