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News from Clare Jackson

Greetings from the land down under, and from the Port of Echuca in particular. I chanced accross your site with its terrific links to the paddlers of the world. Just GREAT! I think I will never get through them all!

Here's another possibility for the page:
The site is still being set up, and unfortunately, there is not too much on the boats we operate, but more info is being planned.

The Port operates three genuine (God, I hate that word!) wood fired paddle steamers, namely PS Pevensey, 1911, 20hp, 110 feet long; PS Adelaide, 1866, 36hp, 76 feet; PS Alexander Arbuthnot, 1923, 10hp, 76 feet. These steamers operate from a massive redgum wharf built from 1866, and at least one operates daily.

I work on the boats as deckhand, engineer or relief captain, as required, and enjoy it very much! There are a couple of printed info leaflets, which I would be happy to post to you if you let me know an address. I did try scanning, but the outcome was less than satisfactory.

Also I have attached a couple of pics for you, but I am still to grasp the finer points of digital photography, and email attachments, so expect the worst!

I used to write for various steam mags over here and I've attached one article on Echuca Wharf to start with.

All the best,

Clare Jackson

P.S. Alexander Arbuthnot
P.S. Adelaide

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