South Coast - Part 2


PSPS 50th Anniversary Charter



Report by Martin Longhurst

Waverley sailed at about 07.00 from Southampton to Poole on Monday 8 September 2009 ready to give her charter sailing to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Society's foundation.   She was berthed, as in the past, on Poole Quay.  

Poole Quay has changed dramatically since the paddler's last visit with the renowned pottery replaced by flats

The steamer competes with rival trip boats moored along the Quay

Departure was at noon with the harbour tug Herbert Balam pulling Waverley's head round through 90 degrees to face the channel

The steamer made a rapid exit from the world's second largest harbour passing the Condor Vitesse inbound in the buoyed channel

The paddler's first call was at Bournemouth before she set course for Yarmouth and Southampton.   Despite the poor weather (overcast with a very low cloud base and misty rain from time to time) the steamer was well filled.   Shortly after leaving Bournemouth, the Chairman of the PSPS Wessex Branch, Peter Tambling, introduced passengers to Professor Alan Robinson, the Society's founder.   Prof Robinson was presented with a paddle steamer painting to mark the occasion.

Prof Robinson (in hat) remembered why he felt it necessary to start the Society

The painting was of PS Freshwater, whose imminent demise inspired Prof Robinson to action.   Tony Horn, the artist, is on the left and Peter Tambling on the right.

Peter Tambling also presented a new set of South Coast fan boards to Jim McFadzean

There was intense media interest with many reporters and two television crews on board.   Over 500 passengers were on board after Waverley departed Yarmouth for Southampton, where some one way travellers disembarked to be replaced by others doing the opposite trip.

Jenny being interviewed by Meridian TV about woolly hats

Even the top of Fawley Power Station chimney was lost in the clouds as we retraced our course westward.   Unfortunately, for operational reasons, it was not possible for the paddler to return to Poole Quay, so passengers were coached home from Bournemouth.

Thanks are due to Peter Lamb, Geoff Ryder and Allan Coombes of the Society for planning the day and to the crew for making the occasion so successful.

Alongside Bournemouth Pier at the end of the cruise

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