Waverley in Loch Striven on 13 April 1998

Image by Allen Richardson

This picture of Steve Colledge was taken at Greenock on
27th August 2009 on what turned out to be a very windy day. This was the same day as Captain Ian Clark's hat was blown away by a gust of wind at Millport I think.

Looking at the quayside and the absence of passengers at the time the photo was taken I am not sure if the kilt had chased passengers away, or possibly the storm clouds in the distance.

Despite the weather that day, Captain, Officers, and crew worked hard to ensure we had another great day of cruising.

Words and image by John Thomas

Waverley passing Old Harry Rocks on the way to Poole on 7 September 2009

Image by Stephanie Penrose


Waverley in Poole Harbour on 7 September 2009

Image by Stephanie Penrose

See also this video


Waverley passes through Tower Bridge on 11 October 2009 to berth at Tower Pier

Image by Frank Gradwell

Moments later she passes the Tower of London

Image by Frank Gradwell

Finally she heads back downstream for Tilbury, Weymouth and Glasgow.

Image by Frank Gradwell

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