Bristol Channel Pictorial II

23 May 2004 by Martin Longhurst

Waverley approaching Clevedon Pier

On the Bridge (l to r) Captain Steve Colledge, Jess Tyson and Luke Davis

Purser Jim McFadzean waits on the gangway to come alongside

Note the small uptakes within the funnels

A forthcoming cruise on Balmoral.

The text at the bottom reads: "To apply for tickets (20.00 each) contact:

Mrs Harriet Gray            01275 792893        Cdr Tom Foden                01275 874573

Mrs Yvonne Flanagan    01275 875643        The Mission to Seafarers    01392 874874"

26 May 2004 by Philip Tolley

The new dining saloon ...

... before sailing

Entering the Cumberland Basin

Captain Kit Lee takes the Balmoral under the Clifton Suspension Bridge

26 May 2004 by Chris Jones

Balmoral waits while the Waverley loads over 600 from Penarth Pier

The two ships start their joint cruise Round the Holms

28 May 2004 by Chris Jones

Waverley in Swansea Docks to berth overnight

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