We've Moved

On 23 July 2004 Waverley started using her new berth at the Glasgow Science Centre, at the site of the former Plantation Quay at the entrance to the Princes Dock.

The first arrival was the previous night at the conclusion of the positioning sailing from Greenock.  The red lights mark the position of the Glasgow Tower with the bluish lights of the Science Centre to the left.

Awaiting departure on Friday 23 August.  The green and red posts mark the approach to the lifting Millennium Bridge just upstream.

The tallest paddle steamer in the world?

The curve of the Science Centre contrasts with the straight finger of the Tower.

Dressed overall to mark the occasion.

Glasgow's soaring, space-age skyline with the Moat House Hotel on the north bank partially concealing the Opera House ("Armadillo")

The first passengers join the ship

Anything you can do I can do better

Anderston Quay no more!

First passenger arrival 17.30 on 23 August

Heading for the dock entrance to warp round the corner ...

... to berth facing downstream.  Note the two opening bridges in the background.

Berthed facing upstream on 21 August 2003,

The special handbill

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