Jean McGowan's pictures of the Re-launch

All pictures taken on 14 June 2003

Boarding for the inaugural cruise - Purser Jim MacFadzean wecomes passengers

The newly painted starboard paddlebox

Project Manager Gordon Reid rigs the champagne ...

... for the Scottish Tourism Minister to smash!

Captain Steve Colledge back on the Bridge for departure

Confetti mortars were let off as three hearty cheers sent Waverley on her way

The paddler steams away for Greenock, Helensburgh and Arrochar

Coming into Greenock Custom House Quay

Steaming up Long Long

Leaving Greenock for Glasgow

Steaming upriver

Viewed from the south bank of the Clyde ...

... the Waverley is canted (turned round) ...

... between her day and evening cruises ...

... using a very long rope to pull round her bow ...

... until she was back alongside Anderston Quay facing downstream again.

Looking aft from the Bridge during the evening cruise

The fireworks on arrival back in central Glasgow

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