Waverley Pictorial 2003

A selection of shots around our coasts

Waverley alongside at Southampton 12 September 2003 (Chris Jones)

Approaching Yarmouth 12 September 2003 (Chris Jones)

Alongside Yarmouth Pier (Chris Jones)

The second arrival at Ryde from her Portsmouth Harbour cruise on 16 September 2003 (Gordon Critten)

27th September 2003, photos Trevor W Bell.
Southend on Sea Pier to Whitstable and back again.

At Whitstable we were joined by the Kingswear Castle.

The Waverley's splendid funnels viewed from the harbour.

Even the gulls came out to have a look.

Soon the Kingswear Castle was on its way.
Followed by the Waverley.

Passengers enjoying the band.

Then back at Southend.

Farewell Waverley, I look forward to my next trip.
            Trevor W Bell



Above and below, Waverley on the River Medway on 5 October 2003 (Geoff Vickery)


The Pool of London on the evening of 12 October 2003 (Dave Heppell)

An unusual meeting took place at Avonmouth on 15 & 16 October 2003.  Balmoral had finished her season but was unable to proceed to her winter berth at Bristol owing to problems with the lock gates there.   Then Waverley arrived after the conclusion of her Thames season and to await her final weekend of sailings on the Bristol Channel.

(1 to 3: Jon Davies; 4 & 5: Chris Jones)




The next six pictures were taken by Andy Wilson on 19 October 2003

Taken around 12.15 arriving at Clevedon pier from Penarth

Taken around 15.30 arriving at Clevedon after trip up the Bristol
Channel to the Severn Bridges

Taken around 16.30

Steepholm taken around 16.45

Taken around 17.15 welsh coast in background

Taken around 18.00 returning to Clevedon Pier after a trip around
Steepholm and Flatholm

Waverley at Anderston Quay on 21 October 2003 about 15 minutes after arriving from Milford Haven (Stuart Cameron)

And now a flashback to 1977 when our paddler sailed outwith Scotland for the first time ...

Approaching Llandudno Pier (Derek Peasley)

Coming alongside - note smoke coming from both funnels! (Derek Peasley)

Under way again! (Derek Peasley)

And finally a festive production by Frank Gradwell ...

Waverley is shown tied up for the winter at Anderston Quay at around midnight on New Year's Eve 2003 in the still of a sub zero moonlit night

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