Photographs taken on Tuesday 25th January 2000.


Waverley under tow, leaving her berth at George Prior Engineering for the short journey down the River Yare where her boiler will be removed by a heavy lift crane.

Waverley arrives at the lifting berth and is being canted round.

Viewed from the crane, the strops are attached to the boiler lifting lugs.

The lift commences, the weight recorded by the crane operator is 51 tonnes. Waverley’s draught reduces by a further 14 inches.

Boiler is now clear of the ship.

Boiler ashore and awaiting a new owner. For anyone interested, here are the technical details and contacts.

Babcock Steambloc Boiler – Type TC50, 20 years old, fitted with two Saacke rotary cup burners which run on residual fuel oils up to 3500 secs Redwood. One burner is also configured to run on gas oil. Operating pressure up to 250 psi with an output of 40,000 lbs/hr. Dimensions are: 12 feet diameter by 22 feet length (including burners) with a weight of approx 51 tonnes. The boiler has recently been fitted with two new furnace sections and is currently in survey.

The Boiler is offered to a commercial operation for any reasonable nominal offer, or if none are forthcoming, to a charitable operation at minimal cost. The new owner would be responsible for it’s uplift and transport from Great Yarmouth.

Interested parties should email Ian McMillan or Gordon Reid of Waverley Excursions, based at George Prior Engineering as soon as possible.

Waverley heads back up river to her berth at George Prior Engineering

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