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Summary Work Programme as at 29 July 2000

Please note that the following is a simplified summary showing some key elements from the detailed programme.

Ship berthed and de-stored


Sponsons and paddles and shafts removed


Boiler removed


Engine dismantled and auxiliaries removed


Aft passenger accommodation stripped


Galley stripped


Drydocking for blasting and steel renewals


New Sponsons fabricated.


New Sponsons attached


Wheels and Shafts re-fitted and Running Gear assembled


New Boilers installed


Boileroom Pipework

95% Complete

Raise Steam

3rd to 5th August 2000

Funnels fabricated


Funnels fitted

As planned on 24th July 2000

Dining Saloon outfit complete

7th August 2000

Lower Bar and Lower Dining Saloon outfit

7th August 2000

Inclining Test

2nd August 2000

Quayside Trials

9th August 2000

Sea Trials

12th - 13th August 2000

Commissioning complete

14th August 2000

Ship handover

15th August 2000

Arrival in Glasgow and re-entry into service

18th August 2000


29 November 1999

Waverley Steam Navigation Co Ltd announced that the contract for the Heritage Rebuild had been awarded to George Prior Engineering Ltd of Great Yarmouth.

Press Release.

18 - 21 December 1999

P.S. Waverley sails from temporary lay-up at Avonmouth to Great Yarmouth.

An account of her voyage.

9 January 2000

Preparatory work under way.

11 January 2000

Funnels and paddle wheels being dismantled.

14 January 2000

Both funnels removed

17 January 2000

Sponsons being dismantled

18 January 2000

Main engine crankshaft removed

24 January 2000

Paddle wheels ashore

25 January 2000

Boiler out

27 January 2000

New boilers and empty boiler room

1 February 2000

Cleaning up in progress

8 February 2000

Dining Saloon and Engine and Boiler Rooms stripped

16 February 2000

In Dry-dock

24 February 2000

New Sponson Houses under Construction

29 February 2000

Report on Progress to Date

1 March 2000

Steelwork renewals in Boileroom

8 March 2000

More Steelwork Renewals

14 March 2000

Around the Workshop and Dry Dock

15 March 2000

News from North of the Border

15 March 2000

Refurbishment of Main Engine

22 March 2000

Sponson delivered and some interesting riveting

23 March 2000

Pump refurbishment in progress in Scotland

4 April 2000

Reconstructing the Boileroom, Bar and Dining Saloon

13 April 2000

Final work in Dry Dock

18 April 2000

Some more snaps from Waverley HQ

20 April 2000

Leaving Dry Dock

27 April 2000

Port paddle wing block bearing housing

28 April 2000

New starboard sponson house being fitted - new after deck shelter being fabricated

29 April 2000

PSPS Visit to George Prior Engineering

10 May 2000

Aerial View

11 May 2000

Movement of new boilers announced

15 May 2000

Crankshaft polishing in progress

16 May 2000

Boilers Delivered

26 May 2000

Boilers lowered into Position

3 June 2000

Second PSPS Visit to Great Yarmouth

4 June 2000

June Progress Report

5 June 2000

Progress all round the ship

7 June 2000

Main Engine crankshaft refitted

20 June 2000

Fitting out around the ship


Main Engine re-assembly

5 July 2000

Paddle wheels ready - interior fit started


Paddle wheel refitted - fiddley in place


Funnels under construction

21 July 2000

Ian McMillan, Project Director, said "There is a lot of work still to be done, but nobody has said to me it won't be done on time and I'm not expecting them to."

24 July 2000

Funnels Fitted

27 July 2000

Engine Room Interior - Funnels in Place - Management Team

29 July 2000

Views from across the River Yare

2 August 2000

The Inclining Test

7 August 2000

Crew Assembling

11 August 2000

Almost ready to sail!

12 August 2000

Sea Trials

15 August 2000

Group Photographs at George Prior's

16 August 2000

Waverley Sails from Great Yarmouth


Chief Photographer and Project Manager Gordon Reid stands beneath Waverley's paddle wheels.

Picture by Nick James

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