Photographs taken on Tuesday 20th June 2000.


Timber decking almost complete on the starboard forward sponson. Still to be caulked and finished. Starboard aft sponson decking well underway in the background.

Boileroom crown almost complete, one plate left out for lifting in smaller items.

Crankshaft installation now complete, I.P. and L.P. valve gear also complete, awaiting new H.P. valve half currently being cast and machined.

Aft Deck Shelter now connected to Prom Deck by the use of a Tri-Clad strip, a sandwich of steel, non-conductive film and aluminium to prevent electrolytic corrosion.

The dining saloon linings fitted on the starboard side, they are of non-combustible boards with a varnished birch veneer finish.

The crew mess room has now been lined out and fixed seating is being installed with storage spaces below.

The boileroom viewed from the new doorway in the centre of the forward cross alleyways. Tops of the boilers, steam main and forced draught fans are clearly visible.

The sprayed on fibre insulation has been applied to the bulkhead between the lower bar and Engine Room. The refurbished original bar frontage will be fitted in this area, the old beer store beneath the stairs has been converted into a sprinkler pump room.

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