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Words and images by Martin Longhurst

On 29 April, about 80 members of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society took advantage of the opportunity to visit the Waverley during the course of her Rebuild at Great Yarmouth.

This was our first glimpse of the paddler between two of GPE's buildings.

On arrival we congregated in the new after deck shelter, where a number of drawings and photographs were on display.

Engineering Director Ian McMillan welcomed us to Great Yarmouth and explained the afternoon's procedings. We were split into four groups to see the results of all the work going on.

I was in the fourth group, which turned out to be the first one to board the ship.
Gaining the ship via the Bridge Deck gave us this view southwards towards the mouth of the River Yare. Note the blue ship berthed on the west bank.

This part of the ship is the least affected by the Rebuild, most of the work having to be deferred following the HLF's decision not to provide additional funding at this stage.

You will have seen elsewhere on the Web Site pictures of the new starboard sponson being fitted. You may have wondered why she hadn't turned turtle. The answer lies in these concrete weights, carefully placed on the port side of the otherwise empty boiler room.
Our next view was of the strangely skeletal engine.
These were the remains of the after deck shelter - it used to cover the whole taped off area. The stairs to the Upper Deck end in midair.
View into the future paddle drum.
The Dining Saloon with the Galley beyond.

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