Photographs taken on Friday 28th April 2000.


The forward starboard sponson house is lowered into position, it will rest on temporary supports to allow for welding of the unit to the ship’s side.

Almost lowered to position, the sponson will be temporarily connected to the ship by two large bottle screws, visible on top of the unit while welding proceeds.

The aft deck shelter is now being removed, the main mast and wing decking have already been removed. The main mast will be refurbished with the application of a stain to darken it down to match other external woodwork finishes. Waverley's paddle wheels are stored behind the blue tarpaulin in the right background.

The new aft deck shelter well under way, this is viewed from the stbd aft end. The riveting operation to connect the frames to the plating is still to be done. The horizontal tie plates in the foreground are only temporary, to allow neat connection and line up of plates.

View of the inside of the structure, note the camber obtained. Windows and doorways apertures still to be cut.

A view of the new Pursers Office, Jim’s doorway is cut out. The original door and frame is being fully refurbished in the joiners shop.

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