Photographs taken on Wednesday 5th July 2000.


The starboard paddle shaft has now been refitted, a new bronze bearing has been cast and machined to match the previously machined bearing housing. The complete unit has been aligned with the crankshaft and is now ready to have the paddle wheel attached.

Although the forward deck shelter is not included in the reduced scope of the current rebuild, it is receiving a cosmetic refurbishment externally with preparations now well under way for the ‘scumbled’ finish to be applied.

The new landing platforms are almost complete, this is an aluminium structure with new timber decking.

The starboard paddle wheel has been lifted into place and is being pulled onto the paddle shaft.

An alternative view of the paddle wheel being fitted. A heavy lift crane was used for this purpose due to the weight and outreach required over the vessel.

The funnel fiddles are now in place and preparations being made for the funnels to be attached. Note the stbd boiler exhaust uptake in the foreground.

Paul Girling, a painting specialist based in Lowestoft is working on the ‘scumbling’ of the bridge house. When this is complete Paul and his colleague Paul Knights will continue the scumbling on the forward and aft deck shelters and new dining saloon escape enclosure on the aft promenade deck.

The starboard spring beam and jenny nettle are ready for lifting on board. The spring beam is the main lower support structure (12" x 15 " greenheart timber) that connects the sponson houses, but more importantly acts as a shock absorber when making contact with a pier or quay. The Jenny Nettle or Star Centre is the pivot point for controlling the feathering of the individual paddle floats. It is offset from the paddle wheel centre by 16" forward and " up.

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