Photographs taken on Wednesday 1st March 2000.


This is one of the new ‘Crow’s Nests’ which is attached to the ship’s side to support the Paddle wheel. It is shown upside down and forms the support to which the paddle shaft wing block bearing housing is attached. You may notice that this is of a revised ‘open’ design, which replaces the original closed configuration. This design will allow for easy maintenance and survey in future years.

Reconstruction of the Boileroom as viewed from the Engineroom!!. The bulkhead between has been removed and will be replaced as part of the new fuel oil tanks, integral with the bulkhead.

A view of the port side again from the Engineroom with a small section of the bulkhead still remaining in the foreground. Clearly visible now are the shell plate renewals on the turn of the bilge in the Boileroom. These were the areas which were not accessible behind/ below the fuel oil tanks during the bottom reconstruction last spring by Garvel Clyde.

Reverse angle of the previous photograph taken from the Boileroom looking aft.

New steelwork being welded into place on the starboard side of the Boileroom. Note the strake overlaps retained in the plates which were previously riveted.

Viewed from Starboard side adjacent to the Bulkhead at the forward end of the Boileroom looking aft.

Viewed from the Starboard side halfway along the length of the Boileroom looking forward. Note the frame numbers chalked to the hull for reference.

Bow view showing the hull chalked with waterline marks, ultrasonic thickness measurements, frame positions and areas identified for steel renewals.

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