After three week's delay waiting for good weather, Waverley sailed from Avonmouth on Saturday 18 December 1999. She got as far as Ilfracombe, but in the light of a bad forecast, returned to Swansea Bay to anchor. She was later able to sail from Swansea Bay at 04:30 on Sunday. By 11:30 she was just passing St Ives, and after rounding Land's End, passed The Lizard at 15:30. She arrived at Southampton for 07:00 on Monday for bunkers.

Waverley awaiting fuel at Southampton's QE2 Terminal early on 20 December 1999

Pictures by G Harman

Unfortunately there was a delay in the fuel delivery, and she could not steam away until 13.45. By 19.30 Waverley was 5 miles east of The Royal Sovereign Light (off Eastbourne). The paddler anchored off Great Yarmouth at 08.00 on Tuesday morning and entered the port at about 09.00. She was handed-over to George Prior Engineering at noon on 22 December 1999.

Waverley arriving at the yard of George Prior Engineering at Great Yarmouth on 21 December 1999

Picture by Gordon A Reid

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