Some more snaps from Waverley HQ

(that's STILL Glasgow in case you were wondering!).  

All words and pictures the responsibility of Stuart Mears

The bottom valve plate following lapping (arty "macro" shot!)

"Water" and steam ends of the air pump reunited at begining of rebuild.

What is Kenny Henderson (left) about to say? Caption competition?

Various stages of loose assembly of the steam and water ends of one of the feed pumps. It's much bigger than it looks in the engine room.

John Lees lends a hand, honest!  

As a reward for all our recent efforts, Kenny Henderson took us all on the S.S. Sir Walter Scott on Loch Katrine on Sunday 16 April. I have sent a couple of snaps (including some of our party missing the boat and steam toasted marsh mallows!). It gives a bit of an unusual angle to the rebuild.  

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