Photographs taken on Friday 26th May 2000.


Waverley sets off once again down the River Yare at 10.15am under the tow of Tugs Planter and Hector Read. She is heading for a berth approximately one mile down river where her new Boilers sit, awaiting their lift into her refurbished Boiler Room. Just visible are her floating pontoons attached to her port side to keep her fended off the quay.

The starboard Boiler is gently lowered into place onto the support pads specially constructed on the boiler room bottom.

The starboard Boiler arrives with no problems in alignment or fit. Note the special sprayed on insulation on the Boiler Room casing.

The port boiler is next for placement. This time there is less margin for error. Will it fit?

Gently does it! There are literally only inches to spare. Radio communications are in place with the crane driver and instructions passed for movements inch by inch.

Only an inch or so to spare between the side of the boiler and the cut away section of the Boiler Room casing on the far side. Once the boiler is low enough it will be moved towards the bulkhead at the forward end of the Boiler Room.

Finally into position and again with no problems encountered. The time, 12.15pm.

The skill of the shipwright and engineer alike are evident in the preparation and final installation of Waverley’s new power source for the next millennium.

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