Photographs taken on Wednesday 5th July 2000.


The port paddle wheel has now been lowered into place, and fitted to the paddle shaft. Preparations are underway to fit the timber decking to the sponsons.

Reverse angle view of the port wheel.

Side view of the port wheel, it has a few inches to go until it is fully home on the paddle shaft taper to be secured with two keyways, nut and locking plate.

The aft funnel now well under way, the quality of workmanship evident here is superb. The funnels have been designed by Waverley supporter and Naval Architect - Bob Marshall to replicate the original funnels as closely as possible. The simulated riveted finish is obtained by the use of Huck Bolts.

The aft funnel viewed from the top, the holes for the generator exhausts have still to be cut out. The bands forming the colour separation borders have yet to be fitted.

The forward funnel viewed from the base, note the complex shape using three different radii. The large holes for the boiler exhaust uptakes are still to be cut out.

Waverley’s brand new Main Switchboard, an absolute masterpiece by PETO Services Limited of Great Yarmouth. The switchboard has been constructed of modern materials and components but with old style fascias and meters. Along with the remote boiler panel from Cochran, sited beside the steam engine levers, the Engine Room will have a more authentic look than it has had in a long number of years.

The bellows set fire fighting purposes on Waverley is being checked out by Chief Engineer on the pump and a mystery crew member inside the suit???.

The face is unmasked, our very own Captain Gellatly.

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