Photographs taken on Monday 5th June 2000.


Viewed from inside the new Galley, the starboard side of the ship with refurbished port light, new rectangular window and door from Servery area.

Similar view of the port side of the Galley showing a new fire safe roller shutter which will form the opening to the "bain marie" within the servery counter. The shutter automatically drops in the event of a fire alarm. The hatch to the right is the opening down to the Aft Peak

The Lower Dining Saloon has it’s flooring fitted to new steel beams. In the background is the new micro lift to transport food trays from the Servery area above.

The restored teak bulkhead is fitted back into position port side entrance to the dining saloon. The dummy door in the middle of the bulkhead was the old entrance to the Officer’s table, now a store room and lifejacket locker accessed from the dining saloon side.

The refurbished teak shop front now fitted. Visible inside the Dining Saloon is the new escape stair up to the Promenade Deck.

New Gents Toilet cubicles under construction in the fwd starboard sponson house.

New fire door being fitted into place in the starboard alleyway. This is an MCA requirement part of which allows the retention of the timber bulkheads into the Dining Saloon and Forward Lounge. A doorway was originally configured in this location in 1947 and formed the division between 1st and 2nd Class.

The Boileroom looking aft from above, the steam pipework is now well under way with the 8 inch manifold connecting both boilers now clearly visible. A "T" branches off this manifold and connects to the main steam line through into the engine room. The flanged end of this is visible to the left of the photograph.

An alternative view from the new entrance door to the Boileroom in the middle of the forward cross alleyway.

The new aluminium Aft Deck Shelter ready on the quayside for lifting on board. Although of lightweight construction (3.3 tons), two cranes are required to lift the structure onto the vessel and accurately place it.

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