Photographs taken on Thursday 13th April 2000.


Starboard aft sponson house completed and ready for attachment when Waverley exits from drydock.

The reversing engine ready for installation, the final decorative paintwork will be applied 'in situ'.

The new aft deck shelter is under construction in aluminium. The frames are being tack welded in place but will be attached by rivets as per original construction methods.

The paddle drum tops will be the last part to be attached after reconstruction of the sponson houses and installation of the paddle wheels.

The new starboard Crow’s Nest is now fully connected to Waverley, the port side will be fitted after exit from drydock.

Forward Lounge port side looking forward. Apertures have now been cut in the new steelwork ready for the refurbished windows to be fitted.

Starboard view of window apertures ready for fitting of refurbished units. Note the new half round cope bar above the window at sheer line. This was an original feature and will be picked out in a brown painted finish against the white hull.

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