Photographs taken on Wednesday 5th July 2000.


The Starboard Paddle Wheel now ready for lifting into position. All the running gear has been added except the two floats which would otherwise have been submerged. This is for safety reasons as the river can run at approx 5 to 6 knots and would turn the wheel easily.

The Port Paddle Wheel also ready for fitting.

The new Davits are now on site and await fitting to the ship, these are almost identical to the original units except that they are powered both in terms of luffing in/out and of raising and lowering the lifeboats. They were made by Welin Lambie, the same company who made the originals and who also made the Titanic davits for the film of the same name.

This is the ‘scumbling’ work underway, the original wood grained paint finish applied to the bridge house, forward deck shelter and aft deck shelter. The finished effect should be stunning!.

A view of the aft funnel fiddle or smoke box, constructed in aluminium. It is attached to the Boiler Crown by a Triclad strip to prevent electrolytic corrosion as per the aft deck shelter.

A view from inside the new aft deck shelter looking forward towards the new timber stair enclosure and Purser's Office (serving hatches still to be cut out). Note the timber decking underway above and the new timber windows fitted on the starboard side.

The aft deck shelter looking aft, the new tea bar yet to be fitted.

The new timber deck on top of the aft deck shelter is well under way now, this view looking aft.

The main dining saloon side cladding now complete, this is a non-combustible, lightweight board with a real birch veneer applied. It will be varnished and finished to a high standard to replicate the original styling in 1947.

The main dining saloon looking across to the rear of the shop, the birch veneered panel extend right round and out to the main entrance. New pipes for sprinklers, hot and cold water, electrical cables and telegraph wires all being fitted in parallel.

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