Photographs taken on Wednesday 8th March 2000.


View on Starboard side of the dining saloon taken from the position of the cash register at the servery. Shell plating 1st and 2nd above sheer along with frames being renewed. Although shown tack welded at the moment, the new plates will be riveted to the frames.

View of Lower Bar looking to Starboard and Fwd. "C" and "D" Strakes removed for replacement. This area is part of the pressure hull and as such, all plates will be welded but maintaining the horizontal overlaps as original.

A view on the port side looking forward in the Lower Dining Saloon. Sections of "D" and "E" strake being replaced.

Forward Bar/Lounge windows and surrounding steelwork renewals underway. The new plates in this area will be riveted to the frames as part of the heritage retention. Since the bar and lounge area are not due to be upgraded at this time, they are screened off.

Viewed from Stbd side, looking forward and up through the ship’s frames into the Lower Bar.

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