Photographs taken on Monday 24th July 2000.


Waverley’s forward funnel emerges from its birthplace already etch primed and red primed. Two forklift trucks are used to lift the 0.75 ton structure. Note the whistle bracket already fixed in position.

Two cranes are now used to tilt the funnel to the upright position. The bottom of the funnel has already been trimmed to accommodate the angle of rake with final scribing and trimming yet to complete.

Almost vertical, the weight will now be transferred to one crane for lifting on board.

The funnel heading for its first fitting, note that the correct rake has been achieved with the use of three lifting points, the aft adjustable by means of a chain block.

The funnel is lowered into place ready for a first fit.


Contact, only minimal trimming is required to give a close contact all around, ready for welding and fitting of finishing trim. The funnel will be lifted off ashore again for this work to be done.


The aft funnel undergoes the same manoeuvre over the next series of photographs.

The aft funnel is now lowered to place. The forward funnel has now been trimmed, refitted and welded in place.

The first coat of final colour is applied to the hull topsides, this is slightly more of a creamy white than that used in recent years and matches the original colours.

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