Balmoral Regeneration Project

This is a multi-year project, which has already been under way for two years.  The current stage involves replacing the ship's two 54 year old main engines, which are beyond refurbishment for further service at an affordable cost.   The next stage will involve replacement of the promenade deck and a full remodelling of the Dining Saloon.   Both these stages are supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The new main engines have been ordered from the Danish Grenaa company and will be delivered at the beginning of May 2003.  They are much smaller than the original Newbury Sirron diesel engines of 1949, but will have a similar overall appearance.  They will be 4-stroke machines rather than the 2-stroke of the originals and will run at about twice the speed, delivering more power.   Engine Room Control will be retained, with the original telegraphs staying in operation, as the intention is to replace the engines rather than modernise the ship.

David Elms, a member of the vessel's team of volunteers, has offered to supply progress reports for this web site.

13 January 2003 Emergency Helm Wheel
21 January 2003 Digital photos of main engine crank housings
25 January 2003 More propulsion machinery orders placed
2 February 2003 Propshaft bearing boxes dismantled for inspection and adjustment
10 February 2003 Balmoral's New Cylinder Block Castings
12 February 2003 Checking the propshaft alignment
19 February 2003 Stripping in Engine Room
13 March 2003 Installation contract awarded to Avonmouth Ship Repairers
13 March 2003 Key Dates of the Installation Programme
13 March 2003 More Pictures from Grenaa
24 March 2003 Final sailing under Sirron power!
26 March 2003 Funnel lift off!
2 April 2003 Engine Room stripping continues
3 April 2003 Balmoral featured on BBCi
7 April 2003 Old Main Engines Lifted Off
7 April 2003 More on BBCi
11 April 2003 Gearboxes and propellers delivered
17 April 2003 Funnel refitted
20 April 2003 Old propellers removed
1 May 2003 New funnel cowl
2 May 2003 New props fitted and new engines arrive
5 May 2003 Balmoral re-floated and engines installed
22 May 2003 Work in the engine room
26 May 2003 The leaving of Bristol
28 May 2003 Re-entry into service

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